How to setup IPTV with OTT Navigator IPTV

Search on Google Play this application: OTT Navigator, download and install it.
Open the application. On the first screen you’ll see Add provider with couple of options.

Playlist option is highlighted. Click OK. In the next screen you’ll add the following details:

Name: you can name it as you wish, so let’s call it BROWNTV.
URL Address: here you should paste the M3U Link that we’ve sent you on your email.
Choose Apply. In couple of seconds the full playlist will load the streams.
Click Close and Return. Now go back to the main screen and choose Live stream and all available groups will load.

By default this application is sorting the streams alphabetically. The better way is to show from our sorting. To do that, in OTT Navigator go to Settings / List settings, scroll down, click on Select sort order / Sort channel by and choose order from provider playlist. Now go back to the main screen, choose Live stream and the channels will be sorted lot better.

OTT Navigator IPTV supports also EPG. Contact us and we will send you the unique EPG link for you.

To enjoy the full custom functionalities of this application, you can purchase the premium version.